Copy of About Us

The Rocks Room is an independent jewellery boutique, based in Ireland, carrying high quality pieces using the best materials. 

We've all had the experience of buying jewellery from high street stores and being happy with how the pieces looked but after very little wear had black earlobes or a black line around our neck. This is due to cheap coatings wearing off and exposing our delicate skin to all kinds of nasty chemicals, such a nickel and lead, then in turn being absorbed into the body. 

Here at The Rocks Room, we source jewellery that is nickel and lead free. It is important to us that we sell nothing that is potentially harming to the health and wellbeing of our customers. We also always strive to supply the most gorgeous jewellery, pieces that will last and make you feel fabulous. 

We absolutely love watching orders going out knowing our customers are getting beautiful pieces of jewellery, without being exposed to harmful chemicals, at the most incredible value. Protecting your health shouldn't have to cost the earth and it is our aim to ensure you are not paying overexaggerated prices for your silver and gold. 

With this in mind we ship worldwide. Not limiting our ethos to domestic orders, we opened up our products and service to everyone, wherever you are.